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Derivative Contracts

If your business/portfolio is exposed to certain kinds of risks, we can mitigate those risks by structuring a derivative contract that can act as an insurance. With innovative hedging mechanisms, we can have a cost effective mechanism by which we can limit the losses your business/portfolio might experience due to any unforeseen reasons.

Arts and Collectible Investments

Investing in Arts and Collectibles, is a smart way of diversifying your investments in a $1.7 trillion alternative class that is now open for retail investing. You can either hold your shares in an artwork until it is sold by the custodian or sell your shares in a secondary market. Tenjin AI has partnered with an Arts and Collectible company that allows retail investing through a Tenjin account.

Venture Investing

Venture Capital funds aim to invest in startup companies that are early in the development stage, often pre-profit with a very high growth potential. Tenjin AI has partnered with a few premier VC funds to bring access to private equity investing to you and give you a distinct competitive advantage.

Structured Products

With innovative products called structured products, you can earn a steady monthly income of around 1.5-2.5% on your principal investment along with downside protection on your principal investment. We can help with custom constructing this alternative product in a creative manner that serves your monthly income and principal protection needs.

Real Estate Investments

Real Estate investments tend to have a steady income along with principal protection due to the investments being tied to physical assets. Many real estate investments also enjoy tax advantages which are not available in stock based investments. Tenjin Ai has partnered with premier real estate funds to offer a wide range of investment choices for our clients.

Family and Social Worker

Alternative Investments

What We Do/ Alternative Investments

Alternative Investments

If you are an accredited* investor, you can benefit from our partnerships with premier alternative investment experts. Your portfolio can be well balanced with not only traditional Equity and Fixed Income investments but can also include Alternative Investments for an even wider balance with a steady stream of returns from uncorrelated assets. And Tenjin AI, we have the right partnerships across a wide array of Alternative Investment Service providers to make it happen.

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