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Exclusively for New Investors 

Tenjin Basic

Tenjin BASIC suite of strategies is designed to deliver excess returns over the corresponding benchmark indices by investing in a minimal set of ETFs smartly. Due to large liquidity of the ETFs we invest in these strategies, they are well suited for all investors.

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Private Wealth Management

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What We Do/  Private Wealth Management

Private Wealth Management

If you are an accredited investor and have special and unique situations such as having proceeds from a recent capital gain from a sale of assets and would like to save money on capital gains taxes, we can offer specific investment advice that would reduce your tax burden significantly, even to as low as 0%.

Investment Performance Audit

You are not sure if your wealth is well managed? Tenjin AI team can help you with a thorough, independent analysis of your portfolios and identifying ways to grow your wealth at a healthy pace.

Tax Saving Investment Advice

Do you know there are many ways you can reduce your tax burden by being a smart investor? Tenjin AI team can help you with ideas that could save you tens of thousands of dollars in taxes.

Trust and Estate Planning

It may be tax efficient for passing your wealth to your nominated beneficiaries if you have your investments under your Trust. Tenjin AI team can help assess if it is in your case and help establish a trust for you with our legal partners.

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