What is Downside Protection and Why Is It Important?

Downside Protection

Downside protection essentially means employing strategies that aim to reduce the frequency and/or magnitude of capital losses, resulting from significant asset market declines. Downside protection strategies involve adjusting a portfolio’s market exposure to limit the impact of potential losses from market downturns.

What is ESG Investing?

ESG investing is often used synonymously with other investing terms such as sustainable investing (SI), responsible investing (RI), socially responsible investing (SRI), etc.

Founder’s Message

Founder's Message

Tenjin AI was born to transform the investment landscape for everyday investors minus the hefty costs associated with building wealth.

Risks in Investing

Risk in investing

Risks in Investing Join us now INVESTMENT STRATEGIES AND RISK OF LOSS Tenjin Ai provides template portfolio allocations for clients for use in their own portfolios or for educational purposes. Tenjin Ai uses generally accepted investing principles in the creation of these templates, which are described in greater detail in the “description” section of each […]

Why Invest?

why invest

Why Invest? Join us now This has been a question that has crossed our minds during our early twenties and thirties. Whilst the “You live only once” is a great motivator to splurge on shopping or to travel the world. Whilst all of this is good, there is always this question on our minds, that […]