Tenjin AI Basic Strategy

Tenjin Al Basic portfolio consists of high-quality Equity and Fixed Income ETFs recognised by Tenjin’s Al technology.


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Tenjin Al Basic portfolio is a blend of well-balanced systematic, Al driven strategies that consists of Equity and Fixed Income based ETFs of high-quality as identified by Tenjin’s Al algorithm. Tenjin Al Basic Portfolio is customized to serve conservative, moderate and aggressive investors alike whose objective is to outperform the market over the long term and are not worried about any short term market volatility. The strategy aims to achieve a higher return over the long term while limiting the volatility to a suitable level for each investor’s risk preference.

How Does It Work?

Tenjin’s algorithm uses advanced Al technology to predict returns of ETFs in the medium/long term and invests in ETFs that have the highest ‘Tenjin score’. The algorithm automatically allocates investors’ investments into one or more Tenjin Al strategies that spreads the risk, while investing in ETFs that are predicted to have very high growth potential. Similar to most systematic hedge funds, Tenjin Al is systematic and actively managed and is designed to automatically adjust the portfolio for periodically changing market conditions so that the gains achieved in good market cycles are not eroded during market downturns.

Tenjin Al strategies are data driven and back-tested with historic data. Human bias and emotions do not influence Tenjin Al’s investment decisions.

Ideal For?

This portfolio is ideal for investors who wish to maintain a long term view of their investments and are not worried about short term market volatility. Further this is an ETF based portfolio that is well suited for individuals who cannot hold stocks due to their employment restrictions.

Type of Accounts

Tenjin Al accepts almost all types of accounts for management such as Retirement Accounts: Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, SEP IRA, Personal Accounts: Individual and Joint accounts, Custodian Accounts for Minors: UGMA and UTMA, Corporate Accounts and Advisor Managed Accounts such as Discretionary Advisor accounts, Hedge funds, Family offices and Asset Management Firms.