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Independent RIAs

Relinquish your portfolio performance concerns to TenjinAI and experience exceptional results for both you and your clients through our systematic strategies. Utilizing TenjinAI, you have the option to allocate a portion or all of your clients' assets to our premium strategies.

Additionally, you can join the TenjinAI platform and provide your successful systematic strategies to our clients through the TenjinAI marketplace*. Please note that our risk management team evaluates the backtest and actual performance figures before accepting the listing of these strategies on the TenjinAI platform.

*TenjinAI continually assesses the performance of all strategies offered on TenjinAI to guarantee that they adhere to our stringent risk management criteria.


Partner with TENJINAI

We invite partners from all industries to collaborate with us and connect their clients to our services. As a TenjinAI partner, you can receive a generous compensation for introducing your connections to us through a revenue sharing agreement.

We also welcome independent registered investment advisors (RIAs) and professional investors to join our platform and offer their successful investment strategies to a large base of Mass Affluent and HNI clients already on TenjinAI platform.


Regional / Community Banks

TenjinAI's Investment Management as a Service (IMAS), based on an API, simplifies offering investment management services to your clients to promote intelligent growth of their wealth. Integrating TenjinAI's all-digital experience onto your platform is effortless, from customers opening an investment account to selecting strategies and monitoring performance. TenjinAI's diverse range of strategies caters to every client type and risk tolerance level.

Relationship Specialists

Whether you are a lawyer, a doctor, an accountant, a businessman or any influencer in your community, become our partner and introduce your clients to TenjinAI’s advanced investment solution and services.

Family Offices

TenjinAI's premium hedged strategies are scalable and intended for high net worth individuals (HNIs) and family offices. Our team can personalize systematic strategies utilizing stocks, options, futures, foreign exchange, and fixed income assets to meet your distinct investment objectives.

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