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Key Tenjin AI Strategies


Tenjin AI Basic

Tenjin BASIC suite of strategies is designed to deliver excess returns over the corresponding benchmark indices by investing in a minimal set of ETFs smartly.


Tenjin AI Advanced

Tenjin ADVANCED suite of strategies is designed to appeal to a broad range of investor groups with different risk profiles. The strategy aims to invest in a range of selected stocks and ETFs with exposure to both equities and fixed income


Tenjin AI Pro

Tenjin PRO suite of strategies are designed for high net worth investors who are either looking for stable growth or for aggressive growth of their portfolios

TenjinAI is an ideal solution to navigate the current market volatility as it is designed with algorithms that are inherently defensive to effectively manage market downturns. The sophisticated strategies employed by TenjinAI serve as an autopilot for your investments, allowing you to stay one step ahead of any market cycle.

When you invest with TenjinAI, you can relax and let our platform automatically manage your portfolio with periodic rebalancing. Rest assured that you are always in control as your investments are held in your own account, accessible to you at all times. You have the flexibility to add funds, withdraw funds, or reallocate your investments to a different strategy at any time.

Private Wealth Management Concierge Services

For accredited and qualified investors with unique circumstances, such as having proceeds from a recent capital gain resulting from the sale of assets and seeking to minimize their capital gains tax, we can provide tailored investment advice that could significantly reduce their tax liability, potentially even down to 0%.


Investment Performance Audit

You are not sure if your wealth is well managed?


Tax Saving Investment Advice

Tenjin AI team can help you with ideas that could save you tens of thousands of dollars in taxes.


Trust and Estate Planning

Tenjin AI team can help assess and establish a trust for you with our legal partners.

Alternative Investments

Our partnership with top alternative investment experts allows you to create a well-diversified portfolio that includes not only traditional equity and fixed income investments, but also alternative investments - all managed from a single platform*.


Derivative Contracts

If your business/portfolio is exposed to certain kinds of risks, we can mitigate those risks by structuring a derivative contract that can act as an insurance.


Structured Products

With innovative products called structured products, you can earn a steady monthly income of around 1.5-2.5% on your principal investment along with downside protection on your principal investment.


Real Estate Investments

Tenjin Ai has partnered with premier real estate funds to offer a wide range of investment choices for our clients.


Venture Investing

Tenjin AI has partnered with a few premier VC funds to bring access to private equity investing to you and give you a distinct competitive advantage.


Arts and Collectible Investments

Investing in Arts and Collectibles, is a smart way of diversifying your investments in a $1.7 trillion alternative class that is now open for retail investing.


Gold Investments

Historically gold has maintained its value and is the best form of hedge against inflation and geo-political uncertainties

Researching the markets and tapping the opportunities for you

Experience the art of making your money grow faster using the science of Smart Risk Management and Alpha detection. Our team utilizes cutting-edge AI technology to identify opportunities and risks that are difficult to spot using conventional methods.


Your bright financial future in full view in TenjinAI

TenjinAI allows you to link all your investment accounts, regardless of whether they are held with an external broker or financial advisor. By doing so, you can access a comprehensive overview of all your accounts in one centralized location in TenjinAI, which is updated every few minutes. In addition, TenjinAI provides visual analytics on your accounts, allowing you to gain valuable insights and compare their performance.


But that's not all – TenjinAI can also provide you with personalized and actionable advice on how to enhance the performance of your current portfolios.

Seize The Opportunity with Weekly Tenjin Ranks

Timings are very important to us here at TenjinAl, and the stock market

as a whole seems to agree. We help our clients perfect their timing so

they can buy and sell seasonal investments using Tenjin predictions.

Our Investment Approach

Adopt an investment strategy that prioritizes risk management and aims to provide exceptional returns to investors by utilizing systematic, data-driven analysis of distinctive risks and lucrative opportunities across a broad range of asset classes. With our approach, we strive to deliver superior performance and help you achieve your investment goals.

Fully Managed Investment Strategies

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