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Market Movers Weekly March 21/24: Wall Street Eyes Tesla and Boeing for Potential Rebounds in Volatile Market

This week, the stock market faced its second consecutive decline, influenced by stronger-than-expected inflation data, which challenged the Federal Reserve's efforts to manage inflation, leading to adjusted expectations for interest rate cuts. Market indices like the S&P 500, Dow Jones, and Nasdaq Composite experienced drops amid these inflation concerns. Investors are now keenly awaiting the Federal Reserve's upcoming meeting and the February PCE report for further direction. In the tech sector, companies like Adobe and Zillow saw notable declines, highlighting broader market uncertainties ahead of crucial Fed decisions.

Analysts reckon Nvidia's epic surge might chill for a bit, heading into a cool-off phase

Jeff deGraaf of Renaissance Macro Research thinks Nvidia's wild ride might hit a chill phase, predicting a few months of the stock chilling out and finding its groove between $750 and $950. After a jaw-dropping increase, hitting around a 75% rise this year on top of a 200% jump in 2023, Nvidia's taking a breather. DeGraaf's waving a yellow flag for those thinking of jumping in now, pointing out the buzz around it might've pushed things a bit too hot. While long-term heads might not sweat it, short-term players could see the gains cooling off as Nvidia steadies its ship.

Barclays thinks the gold rush before the Fed's rate cut is a bit much, dialing up the hype meter

Barclays, with Stefano Pascale at the helm, is throwing some shade on the gold rush, suggesting the recent 7% spike might be getting ahead of itself. Gold's been on a tear, marking one of its hottest streaks in decades, but Barclays reckons it's all a bit too eager over the Fed's rate cut hints for 2024. While the gold buzz was kicked off by the Fed's rate pause and a buying spree by big funds and central banks, Barclays whispers a word of caution: history shows gold shines brightest post-rate cuts, not before. They're nudging investors to play it smart, hinting the gold's glitter might not stick around.

Jeremy Grantham's giving a heads up: AI's buzz could lead to long-term market headaches

Market guru Jeremy Grantham's peering into his crystal ball and what he sees isn't pretty – he's tagging the AI stock craze as the latest speculative bubble, warning of rocky roads ahead for the U.S. stock market. Citing sky-high valuations and profit margins, he's hinting that we're all at a high-stakes poker table, with the chips stacked in favor of a bubble burst. Grantham's take? Tech revolutions are game-changers, but the real payoff for investors might only come after the bubble pops.

JPMorgan's staying wary, not getting swept up in the market's rising tide of optimism

JPMorgan's Marko Kolanovic is hitting the brakes on the stock market euphoria, calling out the risks everyone's choosing to ignore. With markets soaring, especially with AI hype, he's sounding the alarm on potential downturns fueled by geopolitical drama, political whirlwinds, and sticky inflation keeping interest rates on the high side. His playbook? Lean towards cash over stocks, predicting a less rosy path for the S&P 500 than other big bank

forecasts might have you believe.

Tesla and Boeing are hitting Wall Street's list of most oversold stocks, catching some eyes

Tesla and Boeing are catching Wall Street's eye as the underdogs of the moment, hitting low points on the relative strength index (RSI) that scream "comeback potential." While the broader market's been in a funk, Tesla's taken a hit from its China and AI hiccups, and Boeing's been tangled in quality control knots. Yet, the RSI hints at brighter days, with Tesla and Boeing both looking like they're gearing up for a significant bounce-back. Keep an eye out; these could be the comeback kids of Wall Street.



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